Private Academy Integration

Discussion in 'Youth Leagues & Cups' started by LosBlancos, Aug 17, 2017.

Should private academies be recognized and incorporated into BC Soccer?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. TKBC

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    I agree - if you are putting your kid in any league expecting/hoping to get money back for your "investment" (university funds or pro soccer contract) take a step back because it won't happen. No one here will become Messi. Give that dream up immediately.
  2. Total -Base

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    TKBC I am glad you do. HPL is turning in to nothing more than rich kids play who than get a chance to play for BC summer program rest get a kick in the ars. This is where it all goes wrong. If youth does not have ability to run at the highest level, what is the reason for development. It will turn sour at about fifteen and it only builds bad deems in soccer. Kids must be give a chance. BCSA shoud have four team roster for each age open to all the kids to try out and go to tournaments in US if chosen. That's the only way our kids stand a chance in NCAA combine and MLS or higher. If we do not send kids south and do not start Canadian League all this is just transfer of hot air through the lover pipe.
    You see what is going on in CSA program. God help you adding a coach from girls program. He must be good listener because guys above him will coach him yet they have not done anything in last twenty years.
    But there is always light at the end of the taunel hoping this time he does something with our guys.
  3. Futebol4Ever

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