Whitecaps off field incidents

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soccer_dude, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Soccer_dude

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    Any thoughts / comments regarding the handling of the Whitecaps recent off field "troubles" involving the youth team & there starting RB?

    The youth team alleged incident seems pretty disturbing ...
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  2. easoccer

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    Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse are serious issues. Im not up on the details but from what bit I read I hope it can all be resolved professionally and justice served.
  3. TKBC

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    Likely no one is up on the details.

    Re: sexual assault charges - Crown doesn't proceed with charges without evidence, but that doesn't mean something won't be negotiated, charges reduced, nor that the kids will be found guilty. However, even if they aren't found guilty of the charges that doesn't mean something very serious didn't happen and the players need serious consequences in that case.

    Re: Domestic violence - there's a publication ban according to court services, which makes perfect sense from the legal perspective. The "Last Result" noted on CSO is that the matter is concluded "end" so I am not sure if that means the pub ban was the conclusion or if the issue/charges have been resolved in some way. Something to keep in mind, again, especially in these cases a finding of not guilty doesn't mean something very serious didn't happen it means that some aspect of the legal options is not satisfied (or however you want to put it). The spouse can often recant, which is very sad, and would also result in charges dropped. But, in K files the Crown etc can proceed if they have enough additional evidence to prove assault - but I don't know what the conditions are that have to be met for that to happen.
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    The player did get attacked by his teammates. That tells you what is going on over all. One can see it when you see what is going on at U 12 youth soccer and type of selections they use. High level soccer is nothing more than pay to play here and even more selection of kids of board people and coaches kids. One has to look very hard to find five kids that made it from Caps or HPL level anywhere. Ask you self why, and even more stay away fro it all to save your children from abuse and your self from money wasted. Stay and play club soccer forget Caps and HPL let them get players from other countries. Save our kids from total crap.

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