Digest of University / College Soccer News


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Aug 25, 2015
Hi BC Soccer Central, the new website is very nice, especially the forums feature.

Would it be more appropriate to post a periodic digest, i.e. daily, twice/week, weekly, whatever is appropriate instead of posting one article for each university soccer website/page sourced news item? Reading those articles (click "read more...") redirects to the university web page anyways...



Feb 23, 2015

Firstly, so sorry for the late response :(

Secondly, thank you for the feedback! It shows you care :)

I agree that the university/college stuff was getting to be a bit much. Unfortunately we don't have the staff cycles here to come up with weekly digests at the moment... the current posts are fed through RSS feeds, once set-up the posts happen automatically.

For now, what I think I will do is suspend that section and come up with a better way to feed the site with the news without being so intrusive in the forums. My current inclination is to feed them into the articles section of the site and rather than using the forums for discussing them, using the builtin articles comments system.

Would that work better for you?