Community Rules & Guidelines


Feb 23, 2015
Be sure to read these important rules for participating in the bcsoccercentral community.

Latest Revision: August 11th, 2015


  • Alternate accounts are forbidden on this forum; that includes account sharing. If you are caught using an alternate account or sharing an account with another person or a user who was banned, you will be temporarily banned. If you continue to share an account with another person or a user who was banned, you will be permanently banned without any warning.

  • If you forgot your password, but can't reset it because your email has changed since your last visit, please use the Contact Us form and we'll get things straightened out.

Posting / Commenting:

  • Harassment of a user will not be tolerated and will be dealt with personally by the staff.

  • If you are or someone you know is being harassed by a user, don't take the situation into your own hands, as it only escalates the problem. If you see anyone being harassed or flamed, don't hesitate to contact a staff member. Additionally, please take a screenshot of the abusive content, as some areas don't have a content history and users can easily edit their content to avoid getting in trouble.

  • If you repeatedly harass a user after already receiving a verbal warning, you will be issued an infraction. After repeated infractions, you will be temporarily banned. Additionally, depending on how you insult the user or the numbers of infractions you already have, you might be issued a permanent ban.

  • Do not make duplicate threads. Duplicate threads clutter the forums. Before creating a thread, do a search to see if the thread already exists. The only forum excluded from this rule is Off Topic.

  • Necro-bumping is not allowed in Off Topic, but is allowed everywhere else. However, please use discretion when doing this.

  • Do not backseat moderate. An example of this is a user acting as an authority figure when they are not. Doing so may cause the situation to escalate, so always contact a staff member.

  • Creating attack or negative call-out threads are strictly forbidden. If you are found to be doing this, you will be punished. Harshly.


  • Keep it civil. Swearing is not encouraged but we are also not a nanny state here. Crap happens and getting your point across can get emotional - just please use discretion and make sure not to overdo it.

  • Opinions vary and opposing views are a healthy norm to have in various topics and discussions. Things can get heated and that is OK. You may 'attack' the opposing viewpoint; You may not 'attack' the person.