BC Wildfires - BC Soccer tweets Air Quality Guidelines Aug 3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by southsloper, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Saw the tweet (below) this weekend, and as my daughter will do Beach Soccer Blast at Spanish Banks starting Friday, I poked around the web...

    Anyone hear if the BC Day long weekend - Kamloops Invitational Soccer Tournament (KIST Aug 4-7) - had any cancellations due to poor air quality?

    The gov't website referenced in the guideline shows Kamloops AQHI during past 24 hours was 7 (High Risk) at 10am yesterday, rising to 10+ (Very High) at noon lasting all day until about 11pm then dropping slowly. It was 7 at 10am today (Aug 7) the last day of the tournament.

    The forecast on the BC Air Quality web page (http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/bcairquality/readings/aqhi-table.xml) shows 10+ max for today, tonite & tomorrow in Kamloops!


    On Aug 3/17 BC Soccer tweeted:
    BC Soccer‏ @1BCSoccer Aug 3
    Find our new Air Quality Guidelines here http://ow.ly/k0yb30e9uPI Huge thanks @AlbertaSoccer for leading the way & providing the groundwork

    AQ Guideline document:
    "Step 3 – Games and Tournaments
    If the AQHI is“7” or higher recommended to postpone / reschedule match. If the AQHI is still above “7” at the rescheduled kick off time teams involved and the match official should consider delaying kick-off or cancelling the game."
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    thx for sharing - I missed this and wondered what I would do about training safety next week.

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