BC Soccer discipline is now published

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by soccer mom, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Where is the conflict of interest? I just dont get it.

    PUFC should have done due dillegence when accepting several full teams into a new club and put measures in place to insure something like this didnt happen.

    Instead we have a club that wanted to grow fast and accepted people into the club who had enough numbers to win the vote.

    Personally I ferl that when you have a vote and its done openly then that is valid.

    What is wrong is when people hold a vote, it doesnt go their way, then they start crying foul and defaming people.

    I will reserve my judgement on the validity of a BCT PUFC takeover because I personally do not know of any actual legal infractions.

    Rather than blabbering on and on like a broken record, if someone can post something the do so and please keep it to a single thread if possible.

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