Royal City Youth Soccer Club -> New Westminster Soccer Club


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Aug 25, 2015
The Royal City Youth Soccer Club (RCYSC) had it's 2018 AGM on June 7, 2018. Besides electing a new president (Geoff Ayi-Bonte) the club is dropping the "Royal City" and "Youth" from it's name and will be known as "New Westminster Soccer Club" or "NWSC".

Please read the New Westminster Record article: Soccer club to drop 'Royal City' name


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Aug 21, 2015
I agree going with a name with the city it's located in it. What was the issue with using the name Royal City - sounds like a historical issue as it referenced colonialism. Come on folks, give me some local history education!


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Aug 25, 2015
IMO - as @TKBC says "Royal City" is a great name. I wonder if anyone considered removing "Youth" rather a rebrand to the blander New Westminster SC name. I know they want to explicitly ID with the city & community, but I think there are too many unimaginative soccer club/team names. e.g. (newer/expansion) New York City FC, Orlando City FC, Atlanta United FC, Minnesota United FC, LAFC, FC Edmonton, FC Cincinnati, ...

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(I love the comment about FC Santa Claus)

Regardless, good luck NWSC!

Congrats to Geoff!

Great guy and will do well leading your club.