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Apr 12, 2017
If anyone is willing, I would like a non-soccer advice here. Our club is trying to get kids interest and skills in various sports. We want to make sure the kids these days aren't restricted to indoors playing video games and watching TV.
We conduct annual camps for kids in different sports. As we have a football ground at our club, a football coaching camp happens every year. From this year onwards, we are planning to conduct a Tennis coaching camp for kids of age below 13. Hopefully more kids will be interested in taking part and continues playing it.
Our camp currently doesn't have a standard sized Tennis court, have contacted tennis court builders in Toronto to build two courts before the camp begins next year. Personally, I prefer to play on asphalt built courts over clay courts, but I am concerned if they are good for kids to start their training. We don't want kids to feel too difficult to play.
Which one should we build, hard court, clay or grass courts? How long do these courts stay well, before a repair becomes necessary? Please try to give advice as soon as possible.
Thank you!