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    District 5 League/Coastal 2017!!??

    So I've heard that the district 5 league has canceled their final championship series game to give time to clubs to make up games due to the snow. For Coastal Cup B boys 5 district champions get in from District 5 and the champion from championship series get in. So whats going to happen this...
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    2014/15 BC Coastal B Cup Champions - Girls

    U13 Champions: Poco Castillian Jr's Runners-up: Cliff Avenue Snipers 2002 U14 Champions: Surrey United Infinity Runners-up: CCB Devils U15 Champions: Lower Island Bays United Ombres Runners-up: WCA Storm U16 Champions: Burnaby Girls Intensity Runners-up: Chilliwack Attack U17 Champions: TSA...
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    2014/15 BC Coastal A Cup Champions - Girls

    U13 Champions: North Shore Girls Renegades Runners-up: CMF Rebels U14 Champions: Poco Castillians Runners-up: Surrey Guildford United U15 Champions: WVSC Rangers Runners-up: Vancouver FC U15G U16 Champions: Port Moody Storm Runners-up: Delta Coastal Selects Sting U18 Champions: Upper Island...
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    2014/15 BC Coastal B Cup Champions - Boys

    U13 Champions: CCB V United Runners-up: CFC 02M Royal U14 Champions: CCB United Runners-up: Lower Island Cowichan Blackout U15 Champions: NCU Strikers Runners-up: Langley United Palani U16 Champions: SFC Liverpool Runners-up: CMF Apollo U17 Champions: NVFC Fury Runners-up: KLM Kings U18...
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    2014/15 BC Coastal A Cup Champions - Boys

    U13 Champions: NVFC Selects Runners-up: Delta Coastal Selects U14 Champions: Port Moody AC Selects Runners-up: Burnaby Selects U15 Champions: Delta Coastal Selects Runners-up: CCB Eagles U16 Champions: CMF United Runners-up: Burnaby Selects U18 Champions: Burnaby Selects Runners-up: CCB Selects