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    Referees and fees

    This is my paycheque for 1 of the surrey clubs. Reffing paycheque Amount Age Group Referee Assistant Referee U9 15.00 U10 15.00 U11 25.00 U12 25.00 U13 40.00 20.00 AR U14 40.00 20.00 AR U15 45.00 25.00 AR U16 50.00 25.00 AR U17 55.00 30.00 AR U18 55.00 30.00 AR
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    Youth referees - and why we don't have any.

    That's a depressing start to a reffing career. Now currently I'm 15 and entering my 3rd year of refereeing this season. I've done up to u14 gold center boys games and AR on u18 metro boys games and I've never seen it come this bad of a situation. The kid should let everything go and only take...
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    2015/2016 Hosted Schedules

    Are the u16 bronze and house boys all starting on the 19th?