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    2002 Goalkeeper Needed

    Hello Everyone. My Delta Coastal Select U15 team is in need of a goalkeeper. The team is just coming off another successful season, earning silver in the BC Provincial Cup. Both of our previous keepers are now playing at the BCSHPL level. We have a Full-time goalkeeper coach that will train the...
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    How to keep players engaged in training sessions?

    Hi TKBC Thanks for the pointers. I'll look at incorporating your suggestions. cheers
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    How to keep players engaged in training sessions?

    For all the coaches out there, do you have some suggestions on how to keep boys engaged in practices. The old fashioned way of making them run until they drop doesn't seem to work anymore. I am sure the general answer will be to keep practices fun. BUT HOW?
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    Strongest Goalkeeper in U-14 Metro this season (2015/16)

    I think this is a difficult question to answer. Players develop at different rates and top players will change over the course of the season. I do agree stats do not tell the whole story. I've seen some teams with great records, but their keepers only look great on paper as they are facing 1 or...